Personalized learning at its finest

Learn anything faster and smarter with learning paths, lecture notes, and quizzes that generate themselves.

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  • Your coach

    Learning paths, tailor-made just for you

    • Your job is to learn. We'll take care of the rest.

      Just let us know what you would like to learn and your current situation. In mimutes, we'll get everything ready for you.

    • Any topic, any level, anytime, anywhere

      We're always available to assist you through out your journey, whichever journey you take, wherever you go.

    • Well-structured curriculums & lectures

      It's a lot more than just ChatGPT. Experience meticulously structured courses, thoughtfully divided into modules and lessons, each enriched with lecture notes and quizzes.

  • Your companion

    Study notes, on autopilot

    • Organized study notes that generate themselves

      You'll never have to start from scratch. Learning suddenly becomes a breeze!

    • Notion-style editor

      An intuitive way to make changes to your study notes anytime, just the way you want.

  • Your tutor

    Quizzes, as many as you want

    • Instant

      A continuous source of interactive, on-demand assessments, just one click away.

    • Infinite

      Generate as many quizzes as you want. There's no limit to learning.

    • Diverse

      A wide variety of quizzes to test your knowledge in the most comprehensive way.

Select the best pricing plan for you

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to learn just about anything.


    Monthly Subscription


    EverLearns unlimited at a monthly cost.

    Buy a License Key
    • Unlimited courses
    • Unlimited quizzes
    • Free future updates
    • You don't need to input your OpenAI API key to use this plan.

    Lifetime Unlimited


    EverLearns unlimited forever, powered by YOUR OWN OpenAI API Key.

    Buy a License Key
    • Unlimited courses
    • Unlimited quizzes
    • Free future updates
    • You will have to input your own OpenAI API key to power your usage. Your API key is securedly stored in your local browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

The future of learning is personalized!


We are Tuan & Tham (Sylvia), two aspiring indie hackers from Vietnam, the makers behind MindPal, The Agent Hub, CAMOO, Chartonomics, and SpeakLab. Adopting AI has beeen a strong boost of productivity and efficiency for our lifelong self-learning journey. It's time for you to join the transformation too!